Chamber Music

I noticed that this portion of my site needs some love!

I'm posting some examples of chamber music, which I don't get to do very often. Most of the time, I'm playing orchestral repertoire so it is always a treat to be able to collaborate on something more intimate. Chamber music requires a different skill set, in technique as well as musicianship, vulnerability, and listening. I find it challenging and rewarding to play!

I recently formed a trio with a couple of my former graduate school classmates. We are calling ourselves the Kibeka Trio. I LOVE our name! It comes from the first two letters of each of our names, thanks to our genius pianist! We gave our very first recital in early May, and invited some friends to join us. We hope to do more concerts in the future. Here is a video of one of the pieces we played, called The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires. It is written by an Argentinian composer named Astor Piazzolla, famous for his Tangos, which you can hear in the music. We had a lot of fun putting this together! You can check out the full video (including a cello/double bass duo, a wonderful soprano, and a solo piece with piano by yours truly) here.

A few summers ago, I had an amazing opportunity to travel to Italy as a graduate student to attend the InterHarmony International Music Festival. This trip was a huge blessing to of the many treasures in the darkness of my husband's absence that the Lord gave me. I am forever indebted to my violin professor who helped make it happen! I had a chance to perform a movement of a Beethoven Trio, and it was so much fun. I lost an earring in the performance, but I was loving my braids!