Thanksgiving Indeed!!!

This year will mark a Thanksgiving worth remembering!!

On a recent Starbucks outing...what a handsome fellow!

On a recent Starbucks outing...what a handsome fellow!

It will be the first Thanksgiving that my husband, my daughter, and I will have celebrated TOGETHER since 2010.

That’s 6 years!


It was in August 2011 that my husband, who at the time was struggling with complications from his Bipolar I Disorder, left our family.

He did not return to our family until March 2016.

The years in between that time and now were some of the darkest moments of both our lives. Only by God’s Amazing, INCREDIBLE Grace are we back together again, able to rejoice in all that God has done, even in the dark.

He has given us treasures…so many treasures.

Even though we were ripped apart as a family, God kept us all. What Jasmyne and I lacked in terms of having our husband and father with us, God more than made up for through miraculous provision. When Scott’s “wanderings” could have turned into a tragedy, God worked it all together for his good, to where his worst moments have led to his greatest breakthrough.

So for me, this year being “thankful” runs especially deep. Deeper than I can put into words.

I hope one day that God grant me the ability to find the words to adequately express the immense gratitude, awe, and amazement at the work He has done in my family’s life.

It’s not just the fact that Scott is back in our lives. It’s HOW he is back in our lives, and what he had to go through to get here. The transition has been smoother than I ever could have anticipated, and yet at the same time, it has not been without its challenges as we have all had to deal with the consequences of his time away.

Even so…there has been peace, joy, and refreshing. There is such a pleasant spirit that rests upon my household as God knits our hearts back together again, and restores all those broken places.

There are many broken places that have yet to be mended. Still…God’s Spirit is filling in those gaps, and making something beautiful.

There is deep healing that is taking place…not only of my husband’s mind, body, and soul…but of our marriage and family dynamics. Recovery, as wonderful as it is, comes with a price: it requires great responsibility and much grace, in a different way than when we were apart, or had we made different choices.  Healing can be just as painful as the wound itself. But…pain is often a sign of health, and I’m grateful for the pain of healing.

We still only see many things “through a glass darkly”. And while it will yet take time to sort out and unpack and sift through some of the ruins and rebuild, somehow, God has made it to where it’s not a chore so much, as it is a privilege, and an honor, and an extremely rare gift.

So this year I am grateful...deeply, profoundly grateful.

What are YOU thankful for this year??